Theater Outing 12/01/20

Theater Outing 12/01/20
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Le bocal - Compagnie Le Caillou Quimper

Theater Outing 12/01/2020

Being a member of a theater workshop means acting but not only. The Frogs & Roastbeefs workshop is much more than individuals coming for acting, it is a real team becoming a drama company in the foreseeable future. And for that I am very grateful to that new wonderful team and to each one in that team. Every body finds their place in it to create a character, to help with the props and costumes, to design and make costumes, to design and make the sets and I will come back to it in more detail in a new post after our first annual membership meeting (Assemblée Générale) on the 9 January 2020.
Being a member of a theater workshop generally speaking and being part of our team more specifically, means to go to the theater too to discover new plays and what the other amateur companies create.
So the 12 January 2020 at 5pm we will be in Quimper (MPT Kerfeunten) to see "Le bocal" from and by the company "Le Caillou". We practice carpooling.
Anyone can join us to see the play. Let us if you want to join us and go to see that play.