Florence Liard Theatre workshop animator

Florence Liard is a certified art-therapy Counselor and a professional certified CoachArt has always held an important part in her life. What Florence really likes is:

  • seeing shy people daring,
  • helping people gaining self-confidence,
  • allowing people to express their potentials and talents.

Florence Liard accompanies people on the path to their personal and professional self-fulfillment. So a bilingual theater workshop seems to her an ideal way for personal self-fulfillment.

Her artistic path includes, among others:

  • Clowning
    •  Clown therapy for art-therapists by Patrice Colonna d’Istria – ARTEC Ivry, 2015
    • Discovering the clown within‘ – Level 1 and 2 – Bataclown, 2013
  • Drama:
    • Workshop with Bernard Grosjean “Le projet de fiction comme moteur du jeu et de l’animation”, Brest 2019-2020
    • Different theatre groups in Toulouse, as Cie du petit matin with Bruno Abadie (Toulouse, 2003-2012)
    • Studio Jack Garfein, Paris 1995-1998
    • Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, The Summer Workshop RADA, Londres 1996)
    • John Strasberg workshops, Paris 1994-1995
    • American  acting courses, Sarah Eigerman FACT, Paris 1994-1996
    • Cours Simon, Paris 1993-1995
  • Singing:
    • Jazz and Gospel choir with Jo van Bouwel, Châteauneuf-du-Faou since september 2019
    •  Courses in singing
      • Zalie Belaccico, Brest 2018-2019
      • Odile Wieder, Montpellier 2010
    • Courses in lyrical singing
      • Jane Streeton (Londres 1996-2000)
      • Yva Barthélémy (Paris 1994-1998
  • Dance courses:
    • From 2003 to 2016: different ballroom-dance-classes Paris and Toulouse
    • Tap Dance, Jacques Bense (Paris),
    • Silver medal at the international tap-dance competition, Paris 2003
    • Classical ballet from 1971 to 1987

Her artistic realisations includes among others:

  • She has been using drama techniques, play-role in her communication trainings, such as public speaking, since 1998.
  • Design and animation of a theater workshop about management for the ISAE student integration weekend. Outcome of the workshop: a great show with 50 – students on stage! – Toulouse  2012
  • Designing, Writing and production of a short film on the annual evaluation interview (Planète Entreprise) – Toulouse 2010
  • Adaptation of Claude Prouvost’s poemsLes Heures de Cristal“, staging and directing – Paris 2000
  • As a singer, Concert of classic songs by Gershwin accompanied on the piano by Eugénie Alecian – Paris 2000
  • Translator, productor, stage assistant of the Director Peter Oyston for the Barry Fantoni’s play ‘Modigliani, My Love’ 42 performances in English anf French in the Bouffon Théâtre – Paris 1997-199